Sunday, June 24, 2012

Tuesday Tales – Red

Welcome to this weeks Tuesday Tales. I'd like to thank all my fans and followers. I can't tell you how happy I am that everyone is enjoying the adventures of Billy and Alexandra. Please stop by TUESDAY TALES to read the other wonderful tales by a group of talented authors.

Alexandra opened the front door, thinking it was Billy. “Hello,” Alexandra said looking around. “Is anyone there?”

Dropping her eyes, she spotted a bouquet of red roses sitting on the white Adirondack chair on the porch. Alexandra picked them up, smiling. Billy was always full of surprises. Lifting them off the chair she smelled them, before removing the card.

It read: Meet me at the café. I have a huge surprise for you.

Without thinking Alexandra walked into the kitchen and grabbed her pocketbook off the counter. While walking to the car, the card from the flowers fell from her hands. She was so excited to see what Billy had waiting for her at the café. She’d bet he went ahead and had the café all complete.

* * * * *
Billy drove down Richmond Road at fifty miles an hour. When he got to the red lights, he would slow down and continue right through. There was no time to waste. He had to get home to Alexandra. He would never forgive himself if anything ever happened to her. This was his mess.

Billy hit the speed bump and his car bottomed out. “Damn it,” he yelled still not slowing down. His car screeched going around the next corner. A black car passed him up, almost hitting him, as it drove down Fingerboard Road. Billy stepped on the gas.

Reaching for his cell phone he dialed Alexandra’s number. It rang twice and went right into voice message. He decided not to leave a message, but to call the landline. The phone range five times, before going into the answering machine. “Impossible,” Billy said redialing the number again. When he got the answering machine again, he tossed his phone on the dashboard, and speed the rest of the way home.

By the time he reached the house, an unmarked car had just pulled up. Billy threw the car in park, got out of the car, and walked over the Detective Gallo who stood with his partner with his hand resting on his gun.

“Where’s Alexandra?” He scanned the area. “Her car is missing.” Shaking his head back and forth, he mumbled, “It can’t be. She isn’t supposed to be driving. For her to go out something is wrong.” Billy sighed.

“What makes you think something’s wrong?” Gallo asked.

“I just have a feeling.”

“Let’s go take a look around the house.”

Billy started walking behind Gallo, when out of the corner of his eye he saw a card on the ground. He picked it up, read it, and looked toward Gallo who stood on the porch.

“She’s at the café.” He waved the card. “She’s in trouble.”


After the untimely death of her husband in the line of duty, Nikki Petrino still grieving three years later, goes on retreat to Mexico to finish her novel, where she meets musician Drake Dente a 90’s rock icon working on lyrics for his comeback CD.

After meeting at dinner, Drake and Nikki can’t keep their eyes off each other. Sparks fly and they instantly became an item. Upon returning to New York for Nikki’s high school reunion, she learns shocking events from her best friends.

After a misunderstanding, Nikki is missing and Drake is desperate to track her down.

Roses is available at:

Secret Cravings Publishing


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After an accident at work, Brooklyn DeMelli walks every day down at the boardwalk as a way to keep active and have a semi normal social life. She meets up with the regular morning walkers, while enjoying the beauty of the beach and the scent of the ocean. To keep busy she started her own company, making beaded jewelry for parties and flea markets.

Mario Morales is the hippy that plays acoustic guitar every morning at different ends of the boardwalk. The music captivates Brooklyn. Following the muse, she meets Mario who turns out to be a narcotics detective working undercover on a huge investigation. When Mario finds out Brooklyn is inadvertently involved in a drug trafficking ring, it leads to a series of events, which puts Brooklyn’s life in jeopardy, while forming a romantic bond between them.


  1. Great scene with lots of suspense. I could feel the tension as Billy drove around Staten Island. I can't wait to find out what happens at the cafe. It can't be good, but then again I'm sure Billy will be up for the challenge!

  2. Love the tension, the description of Billy racing down the road to home and then the finding of the card.

  3. Love the action that follows Alexandra's anticipation.

  4. Ooh! I love this. You fooled me. I thought the flowers were from Billie. Then you gave me goosebumps. Love this story, Karen.