Monday, July 02, 2012

Tuesday Tales - Money

Welcome to Tuesday Tales. This week the word prompt is money. Please take a few minutes to check out the other awesome TUESDAY TALES.

Alexandra fumbled with her key. The street light in front of the café blew out and the bulb in the old fashioned pole in front of the café was also off. She had expected Billy to there already. But that was Billy, always full of surprises.

Reached for the light switch and flicked the switch on, except that the lights didn’t go on. Strange. Right before she got shot, they had sat down going through their finances. Between the two of them they were able to pay the bills and still have money left over to put away for a rainy day.

“Billy,” she called out, figuring she was standing somewhere in the middle of the room. “Come on. Turn on the lights. Stop keeping me in suspense. I want to see everything you have done with the place.”

Alexandra heard the sound of sneakers walking across the room. She’d bet when Billy turned the lights on the whole café would be set up. But wait. She walked around reaching around, not walking into any tables. Smash! It sounded like a glass fell and shattered.

“Billy are you there? Stop playing around.”

Alexandra waited a few minutes to complete silence. This wasn’t good. If Billy wanted to surprise her with something, he wouldn’t have kept her standing in the dark this long. I got to get out of here. Slowly Alexandra pivoted in her shoes, not wanting whoever was in the room to hear her moving.

She made her way back to the door, but as she opened it, an arm extended over her shoulder, keeping it closed. Alexandra started to scream, but as soon as she did, a hand covered her mouth. Dear God. Now what.

“Keep your mouth shut and you won’t get hurt.”

His voice was raspy and deep. One that Alexandra had never heard before. She tried her best to take a deep breath and count backwards from fifty, hoping she would calm down and the stranger would remove his hand from her mouth.

50..49…48…47. Before she got to twenty-eight, he dropped his hand from her mouth.

“The minute you yell, I will stuff a sock into your mouth. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” Alexandra mumbled, afraid to talk too loud.

“Good. I’m not going to hurt you.”

“What do you want from me?” Alexandra asked, wishing he would let go of her arm.

“I want to know where Billy has hidden the diamond.”

“Diamond?” Alexandra heart dropped. She had no idea what he was talking about.

“Yes. The diamonds your boyfriend took from me.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about. He never said anything about diamonds.”

The stranger tightened the grip on her shoulder. This time, her face crushed against his shoulder. The scent of his cologne was different, but one she had smelled before. But where?

“There’s no doubt he is going to return my diamonds,” he snickered. “And why do I know that, because I have you.”

My debut novel Roses was released in April 2012 by Secret Cravings Publishing.

After the untimely death of her husband in the line of duty, Nikki Petrino still grieving three years later, goes on retreat to Mexico to finish her novel, where she meets musician Drake Dente a 90’s rock icon working on lyrics for his comeback CD. After meeting at dinner, Drake and Nikki can’t keep their eyes off each other. Sparks fly and they instantly became an item. Upon returning to New York for Nikki’s high school reunion, she learns shocking events from her best friends. After a misunderstanding, Nikki is missing and Drake is desperate to track her down.

The Boardwalk was released on June 27, 2012

After an accident at work, Brooklyn DeMelli walks every day down at the boardwalk as a way to keep active and have a semi normal social life. She meets up with the regular morning walkers, while enjoying the beauty of the beach and the scent of the ocean. To keep busy she started her own company, making beaded jewelry for parties and flea markets.

Mario Morales is the hippy that plays acoustic guitar every morning at different ends of the boardwalk. The music captivates Brooklyn. Following the muse, she meets Mario who turns out to be a narcotics detective working undercover on a huge investigation. When Mario finds out Brooklyn is inadvertently involved in a drug trafficking ring, it leads to a series of events, which puts Brooklyn’s life in jeopardy, while forming a romantic bond between them.

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    What is this little twist to the story? I can't wait to find out what happens next

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