Monday, April 15, 2013

Tuesday Tales – Chocolate


“Wife?”  That was Lorenzo’s last word to her.  And the look on his face was one she’d never forget either.

Lorenzo didn’t give her a chance to explain.   He looked at her as the smile on his face faded.  Pia tried her best to avoid eye contact, but when their eyes met, Lorenzo shook his head in disgust.  Pia knew he had read right through her.   “Bastard,” had turned out to be her only word to Larry.

Pia sat in the middle of her bed hugging the scrapbook she had made for Lorenzo.  This had turned into a complete disaster.  She had called Lorenzo at least a dozen times on his cell phone, and used her blocked landline to call him the other times.  When she called cell to cell, she knew he purposely rejected the phone call.  Why wouldn’t he give her a chance to explain? 

“Damn you, Larry.”  Pia rocked back and forth on the bed.  She was going to tell
Lorenzo during dinner what had transpired while he was away.  Lorenzo would never forgive her, let her believe she had just found out what had happened in the past. 

Pia had called Lisa, begging her to come over.  Lisa had promised to come later on after court.  Slamming the scrapbook down on the bed, she stumbled off, walking into the kitchen.  Comfort food.  That is exactly what she needed.

After opening and losing the refrigerator, freezer and kitchen cabinets, she went with the seven layer dark chocolate layer cake in the freezer.  At least the dark chocolate was good for you.

Opening the box, she took the butcher knife and cut a piece of frozen cake.  What the hell.  When you buy an ice-cream cake, the cake part is always frozen.  Sliding the oversized piece onto a navy blue dessert plate, she returned to her bed and plopped down in the middle with the plate of her lap.

Earlier she had called Nevada asking them questions about the seals and they told her a seal is a seal, new or old.  This put her right over the edge.  Digging her fork into the cake she struggled to cut a piece off.  She got a forkful, stuffed it into her mouth and immediately got the brain freeze sensation. 

A half a cake and two hours later, she picked up her cell phone and called Lorenzo’s landline.  When it went into voicemail, she made the decision to leave him a detailed message of what had happened.  At least then, she would feel at peace that he knew the truth of what had happened.

“Hi Lorenzo.  I’m sorry about earlier.  I just wish you would have given me a chance to explain.”  Pia sighed.  “I just found out I was married too.  I know this all sounds ridiculous, somewhere out there, but…”
“I’ll be there in an hour…” With that the phone went dead in her hand.

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  1. Love that Lorenzo is going to let her explain! Whew! For a minute there, I thought I was going to have to bash him in the head. Am loving this story.

  2. Oh, yay! Lorenzo will give her a chance to explain? That's great! I want to see what happens. (And ice cream cake? YUM.)

  3. Woohoo, he's going to give her a chance to explain.

  4. comfort food- we all need that

  5. While Pia is talking, Lorenzo will be listening. So as they deal with their issues, I am going to have chocolate cake. MJP

  6. So he was listening... hope things work out for them.