Monday, May 20, 2013

Tuesday Tales – Bite


Pia shook her head so hard, she’d swear she felt her brain shift.  Something didn’t seem right.  It wasn’t like Lisa to hold back information from her.  They had been childhood friends, sharing every milestone in their lives.  While Lisa attended law school, Pia started working.  They shared an apartment, with Pia picking up most of the tab.  They were best friends, sisters.

“Start talking, Lisa.  I know you well enough to know you are holding back something from me.”

“I’m not,” Lisa snapped.  “You would never understand.”

“Why don’t you try me?  You never had any problem talking to me in the past.  Why is it that all of a sudden you are closed lipped?”

Lisa crossed her arms and paced back and forth from the living room to the kitchen.  Pia was on the verge of lashing out at her, but instead bit her lip.  She knew Lisa well enough that if she pushed her over the edge, she would shut down.  But she had to try.

“Talk to me,” Pia said tapping her foot on the floor.  “I want to know the truth.  Don’t play with me.”

“If I tell you, I lost your trust.”

“Please, stop talking in circle,” Pia lashed out.  “What have you done to make me even think that?  Do you realize that because of this situation, I more than likely lost Lorenzo?”

“I’ll go to him, tell him the truth, let him you know you did nothing wrong.”  Lisa sat down on the couch and covered her face with her hands.  “I’m so sorry,” she kept saying between tears.  “I never expected things to get so out of hand.”

“What things?  You’re talking in circles again.”

“Lorenzo really loves you.  I don’t thing he’s going to leave you.”

“I’m married to that scumbag.  He tricked me into marrying him.  Lorenzo will never forgive me.  I know he doesn’t believe me.  The whole story sounds obscure.”

“I promise to talk to him.  Make it right.  He has to believe me.”

Pia took a deep breath.  Her friend sat nervously on the couch, with her left leg shaking up and down.  Right then, she knew her best friend, confidant had betrayed her.  Now she was bound and determined to find out what she did.

“Spit it out, Lisa.  Tell me what you did.  I need to know.”

“Promise me you won’t hate me.”

“I can’t make a promise I might not be able to keep.”

Pia kept her eyes on Lisa.  Her friend was nervous with the look of guilt written all over her face.  She’d patiently wait to hear exactly what Lisa did to deceive her. 

“The whole marriage is a farce,” Lisa dropped here eyes to her lap.  “You were never married to Larry.  It was a con game which was being played on you all these years.”

“What?” she yelled.  “And what is your involvement in this?”

“Do you remember that grant I receive for law school?  The one I didn’t have to pay back.”

“Yes I do.  But what does that have to do with anything?”

“The money came from Larry.  I didn’t have to pay it back if I went along with his plan.”

“Which is?”

“Screwing you over.”


  1. OMG!! She betrayed her best friend for money?? Holy cow...~boggle~

  2. That is totally not a good thing but I think it's Pia who is going to have make it right with Lorenzo. Then let him deal with Larry.

  3. oh wow .... that'll test the friendship to the very core! Quite a secret.

  4. I`m sitting here with my mouth dangling open. Talk about getting a knife in the back!

  5. You know how to 'drop a rock' don't you? I was expecting something big, but not THAT big.
    However is this friendship ever going to survive, and is it worth it for Pia to even bother with it. Friends like that are ones to lose in a hurry.

  6. YIPES!! WOW- what an entry. It's very intriguing and I want to slap that so-called friend. Well done on making the reader not like a person!

  7. OMG!!!! That bitch!! With friends like her, who needs enemies? I really didn't see this coming. You caught me completely off guard. Well done. Can't wait to see the next installment.

  8. What?! How?! Ok, I am speechless. I did not see that one coming? Why would he want to screw her over? Why would Lisa go along with it? Oh, wow - I am hooked to know what happens next!