Monday, May 27, 2013

Tuesday Tales – Library


A long silence lingered.  The sound of the icemaker echoed throughout the house.  Pia was at a loss for words.  Lisa had been her best friend since grammar school.  How could she have betrayed her like this?

Pia stood.  She couldn’t even look at Lisa.  At this point, she was disgusted with her.  As far as she was concerned, her friendship with her was completely over.  Her betrayal had crushed her.  Now she wondered through all these years if the advice she had given her was right.

And don’t forget about all the help she gave Lisa thinking that she was up to her neck in debt.  All Lisa complained about was she had no money.  So every pay check, Pia would give her friend fifty dollars and paid her part of the bills. 

“I have only one question for you.  Why?”  Pia asked.

Lisa kept her head down as she spoke.  “I had no other choice.”

“You had plenty of choices.  You could have done like everyone else did and took out a student loan.”

“Come on Pia.  You know where I came from. You were lucky to have parents who took care of you.”

“What does that have to do with anything?”  Pia poked Lisa.  “I want you to look me in the eyes and tell me why you betrayed our friendship.”

“I can’t.”

“Then tell me about Larry’s big plan.”

Lisa lifted her head until their eyes met.  “I’m so sorry Pia.  Larry had mapped out the perfect plan.”

“Okay.  Continue.  I don’t want to have to pull it out of you.  Just tell me the story from the beginning. Please.  You at least owe me that much.”

Lisa sighed.  “Okay.  I have nothing to lose at this point.  I know I already lost your friendship, so I should at least tell you the truth.”

“That would be nice,” Pia snapped.

“Me and Larry started our affair when I was sixteen.”

“What?” Her mouth dropped open.  “Was he the one I kept covering you for?”


Lisa reached her hand out to Pia, but Pia stood up, walking away from her.

“I don’t believe it.”

“You’re marriage, is bogus.  I did some research at the law library when Larry handed me the old stamp.  When we made the marriage certificate, we stamped it.”

“What are you telling me?”

“You’re not married to Larry.   I drew up paperwork for Larry.  When you found the policies, he was going to cut a deal with you to pay him off by giving up your half of the business.  Then I would draw up phony divorce papers, and we would sign them outside of court.”

Pia threw her hands up in the air, placing them on her hips.  “Are you telling me that I am not married to that bastard?”


“You son of a bitch.”  Pia walked over the Lisa.  With her hand shaking she screamed, “Get the fuck out of my house, now and don’t ever call or contact me ever again.”

“Please Pia…”

Pia grabbed her briefcase and pocketbook off the couch, walked to the front door and threw them out on the front lawn.  “Get out!”

Lisa walked to the door and turned around to face her. “Please…”

Pia slammed the door shut in her face.  She wasn’t married.  “I got to call Lorenzo,” she cried, walking into the kitchen and lifting up her phone.


  1. Holy smokes - that was a plot and a half! Good for her to kick her out ... hope Lorenzo will understand ....

  2. Wowzers! Talk about dramatic. Well done! That witch needed booted to the curb.

  3. OMG...I don't blame Pia at all. What a betrayal! I only hope Lorenzo listens and believes the continuing incredible story!!

  4. Oh dear, why do I think she threw Lisa out before she heard the full story? Great scene.

  5. Thank God!! What a bitch that Lisa is! Double-dealing little bitch. I'm so glad she tossed her out. Now to convince Lorenzo! Love this story. Can't wait for the next episode.

  6. Good grief.. I need to know the story from the beginning.. Got me completely intrigued.. Nice one..xx

  7. WOW! that's a world class betrayal...sheesh, how could she be friends with someone for so many years, yet pull such a scam. Awesome story though, very clever.

  8. what is wrong with that lisa?? Great writing

  9. I still want to strangle Larry, the sleaze-bag. Of course Lisa isn't much better but I hope she and PIa can someday make up

  10. Wow! Lisa certainly is a piece of work! It makes you wonder if her tears are even real? I wonder how Lorenzo will react when he hears the news? Can't wait until next week!

  11. Wow lots of action and intensity in this scene. Love who she threw her bags outside.

  12. wow. This story is very intense for sure. I'm enjoying it