Saturday, May 11, 2013

Tuesday Tales – Picture Prompt


Welcome to this weeks edition of Tuesday Tales to the picture prompt above.  This week I'm introducing a new character, Francine Raggalio.  This will be the opening scene of my book "Extra Innings", which will be part of a series.

Francine Raggalio walked passed the row of stores in the quiet town of Rossville looking for six thousand, thirty-nine Hylan Boulevard.   She wasn’t too familiar with the south shore of Staten Island, since she was born and raised on the east shore.  The new development sat in the middle of undeveloped land.  This strip had become one of the up and coming areas on the island.

A few days before, she received a certified letter asking her to attend the reading of a will the following morning.  The attorney was closed lipped about the contents, just saying that Lorraine Matthews had died and she was named in her will.  Francine found this odd, not knowing who Lorraine was.

At the reading of the will, the attorney had her an envelope, which contained the ownership and deed to a retail store that hadn’t been occupied in years.  It seemed that many years previous, Francine had delivered Lorraine’s husband medicine on a weekly basis because neither one of them were able to come to pick it up.  Francine vaguely remembered, since she had done this for many customers, which months later, led to her losing her job.  But to her, she did what she felt needed to be done.

At the end of the five block development was an old building with a metal gate that was covered in graffiti, causing the building to be an eye sore.  Reaching into the envelope, she took out three keys.  She opened the gate and rolled it up to expose a full glass front window.  Opening the door, she walked into the sunlit room, which was fully furnished.  On further investigating, the building turned out to be a restaurant, equipped with a full kitchen.

Francine stood in the middle of the room, shaking her head side to side.  “What the hell am I going to do with this?”




  1. Great beginning! Sounds like she has a restaurant to run.

  2. Wow. A kindness from her past repays her with a restaurant. Intriguing twist, and I wonder what she will do with it.

  3. An interesting start to your new story. I want more :-)

  4. Oh dear! Definitely not what she was expecting I see. But the possibilities are endless

  5. I miss Pia but love this new story. So what is Francine going to do with a restaurant? This looks like a good beginning, Karen. Looking forward to more.

  6. I miss Pia also but this will make the beginning of another great story.

  7. Sounds like a great beginning for a new story. Can't wait to see what Francine cooks up.