Monday, July 15, 2013

Tuesday Tales - Court


Welcome to this weeks Tuesday Tales.  The past two weeks my internet has been down.  With a new router, I am up and running.  I hope you enjoy my story between Pia and Lorenzo.

A few days had past by since Lorenzo and Pia went for dinner.  Pia was certain Lorenzo wasn’t going to forgive her, not that she knew anything about her bogus marriage.

Her friendship with Lisa had been marred for life.  Pia could never forgive her for deceiving her.  They had shared every childhood memory together straight into adulthood.  Now she felt violated.  Everything she had shared with her best friend had been a farce.  She wouldn’t be surprised to find out that Lisa shared all the intimate details of her relationship with Lorenzo to Larry.  Dear God, how embarrassing. 


Pia turned around at the ocean’s edge.  Lorenzo walked through the sand holding on to his sandals waving to her.

“What are you doing here?”  she asked totally surprised.  “How did you know I was here?”

“Wow, you ask a lot of questions,” he said walking within inches of her.  “This isn’t a court of law.”

“I’m just surprised.”  Her heart beat quickly beneath her sheer white cover up.  “I didn’t think I would hear from you again.”

“Why would you think that?”

“Because of the whole situation.”

“I needed a few days to think things through.”

“I understand.”

Lorenzo took her hand and they started walking through the water towards the Verrazano Bridge.  The water felt refreshing on her feet as they walked quietly.

Lorenzo stopped walking.  He turned to face her, holding her face between his hands.  Slowly he lowered his lips until they met.  They kissed as the water flowed through their toes.

“The whole time I was on the road trip I couldn’t wait to come home.  I’m not bragging, but through the years I have had many girlfriends.  But with you it felt different.”

Pia gazed into his ocean blue eyes.  “I feel the same.  The past two weeks I was sick to my stomach, devastated by what had transformed right in front of my eyes.  My best friend betrayed me, my business partner, God only knows what Larry was going to do.”

“That’s over.  I called my lawyer.  On Friday morning, I will go with you.  He will figure out what to do with all the paperwork.”

Pia ran her fingers through his thick blond hair.  “Thank you.  Are we good?”

“Yes we are, as far as our relationship goes.”  Lorenzo frowned.

“What’s wrong?”

“I have a major decision to make within the next twenty-four hours.”

“What does it have to do with?”




  1. That decision better be that they stay together! =)

  2. Oh dear...I wonder what the decisions are...I hope they make the right decisions. After what they've been through they deserve happiness.

  3. I hope he asks her to marry him

  4. nice cliffhanger .... I wonder whether he needs to move (job?) and wants her to come with .... PLEASE !! or marry her !!!!

  5. No! I need to know what happens! It's going to drive me crazy until next week. Great cliffhanger!

  6. Hooray for Lorenzo being a stand up guy but "boo" to you for leaving us like that! Geez. Now I have to wait, maybe two weeks, to find out what happens!! The others are right, great cliffhanger. LOVE this story!

  7. Hope it is a good decision.

  8. can't wait to see what happens. I love the cliffhanger.