Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Mystical Wonders: Book Hooks

Hi.  Welcome to the first week of Book Hooks.   Circle of Friends is the first in a four book series of Mystical Wonders with book 4 coming out March 2014.  I am starting you off with the open sentences of my first book.  I hope you enjoy mine, and take the time to visit all the other wonderful BOOK HOOKS.

Mystical Wonders - Circle of Friends  (Book 1)

“What I wouldn’t have done to trade places with you back then.” Shari laughed, wiping dust off the top of the cardboard box. “But damn, am I thrilled to be me!”
“That’s right. I told you, back then, everyone inflated my life into something it wasn’t,” Madison said as she dragged the box marked college books out from the corner. With a paper towel, she brushed off the cobwebs that had accumulated on the top of the box through the years.


Madison Morina, college professor, meets Sal at the college’s pep rally.  They hit it off, but Madison still has her doubts regarding their relationship.

Shari Stafford, a clairvoyant, hairdresser, finds love when she hires a carpenter to do renovations on her house. She has a special gift of reading minds.

 Private Investigator Cassie Scott has an on and off relationship with Dennis.  When family secrets are revealed, her life is changed forever.

Bad boy Angelo Esposito sweeps Fay Odina off her feet.  He has a dead wife and an ex-wife, along with a secret past and an agenda. Angelo finds his perfect mark in Fay, who owns the family Vintage Clothing Shop.

Despite her friends’ warnings that she is in imminent danger, she runs off and marries Angelo. It’s up to the girls to juggle their own relationships and dig deeper into Angelo’s past. 

Four friends, four lives intertwined together. 

Available at: Secret Cravings, Amazon, BN and ARC

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