Monday, February 02, 2015

Tuesday Tales - Word Prompt Ring

Welcome to this weeks Tuesday Tales to the word prompt ring.  This is the continuing story of two middle-aged women starting their lives over again. 

“I would feel so much better if he was cheating on me with another woman, but a man, how embarrassing.”
“Listen, no one needs to know the truth but you and me.”
“I know.  Now I have to figure out what to do.”
“Settle things up here and come and spend some time with me.  I can use the company and you’ll have time to sort through things.”
“Exactly.  That’s what I was just thinking.  I’ll stay with you for a few weeks, if that’s okay and while I’m there, I’ll look for an apartment.”

“That would be wonderful, but you can’t run away from your problems here.  You have to rectify what your game plan is with Brian.”
“I’m going to pour us a glass of wine and meet you at your house. I just saw the moving van pull up,” she announced.
“Thanks, I’d love that.”  Erika ran down the stairs and yelled back into the house, “We’ll continue this conversation when you get there.”
A tall well built, dirty blond, blue-eyed man sat on her porch.  He couldn’t be any older then thirty, thirty-five tops and he was drop dead gorgeous. He extended his hand to her.  “I’m Mike, and that is my partner Kevin,” he pointed at the van.  Standing, he took a piece of paper out of his pocket and confirmed, “thirty ninety-six Sparky Lane?”
“Yes.  That’s my new home.”
“Will there be someone there to meet us?”

“Lynn McBride, the real estate agent will be there with a heart shaped key ring to let you in.  Please leave the boxes in the center of the living room.”
“Will do.  If I have any problems, can I reach you on the contact number you have left?”
“Yes. That’s my cell phone.”
“Kevin,” he yelled to the curb, lets get started.
Erika kept her eyes on Mike as he waited for Kevin to meet him.  Meanwhile, Sophia crossed the street with a bottle of wine and two glasses.  When she spotted Mike, a smile appeared on her face and looking at Erika she licked her lips.
“Nice ass,” Sophia commented when she sat down next to me on the porch.
“Maybe this is a sign for things to come.”
“Maybe it is.”  She poured red wine into both glasses and handed Erika a glass.  “Let’s make a toast to new beginnings.”
“ beginnings.”

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  1. A toast to new beginnings...and an ass that won't quit? ~giggle~ Love teh scene...and yum to the moving guy. Eye candy always helps a downswing of a mood. :D

  2. Yes - I've always liked moving guys!! Nice passage.

  3. Love the camaraderie between the two women. And, yeah, moving men are sexy. All those muscles and lifting heavy stuff. Sigh. This is shaping up to be a great story, Karen.

  4. What a wonderful relationship those two women have. And yes, got to love sexy moving men.

  5. I'll toast to new beginnings! Nice writing

  6. Hopefully a great sign of things to change for the better for her!

  7. What a great friendship ... and may I assume we'll be reading more about Mike :-)

  8. Nice excerpt :) Good use of picture prompt

  9. love the camaraderie of the women. Great snippet