Sunday, September 04, 2016

Tuesday Tales Word Prompt - Spider

Welcome to this weeks Tuesday Tales to the word prompt Spider. This story is about starting over.

Throughout dinner, Robbie talked about his shoot two years ago in Italy. He said after being in Rome, Venice, Naples and Sicily, his favorite place was Sicily. Besides that most of the people in the small town they shot in spoke Sicilian dialect, they were the warmest
and most generous people in the small fishing town.  After dinner they went down the street to an exquisite coffee shop where coffee and shots of Sambuca cost more than fifteen dollars a cup. Kim couldn’t decipher if he brought her there to impress her, or to bring her up to speed on the last trends in New York City.

“Tomorrow, we have an off day. But for the rest of the week we have meetings regarding the television show.  The executive producer is shooting for starting in two weeks.  We have the actors lined up and have decided to shoot in a studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.”

“I have no trouble with that.  My car is arriving tomorrow. I’m going to drive to my friend’s house and then start looking for a place to live.”

“That’s been taken care of for you.  The studio has a few lofts not far from the studio. I was thinking that tomorrow we can take a ride over there and you can see which one you would be interested in.”

“I was thinking about buying a house or an apartment.  I’m just not sure.”

“The loft is your to rent, lease or buy.  Or if you want, you can come stay with me for a few weeks until you decide what you want to do.  I have a big house and a cottage in the back that isn’t being used.  You can stay there until you decide. All I have to do is have the cleaning service come in to dust and get rid of the spider webs by the front door.”

“Spiders and dust balls?  When was the last time someone used the cottage?”

Robbie rested his index finger on his cheek.  After a few moments he answered. “I would have to say when my sister came to stay with me a few years ago.”

“Oh.” Jill knew she was floating on uncharted territory. This was getting a little too close for comfort.  Or was it?

Jill lifted her coffee mug to her lips. Throughout her whole career she always had a grip on her life. Sure men always approached her, however, being married always kept her on the straight and narrow.  She would have never cheated on her husband; not that he respected his wedding vows.

“Think about it. I’m just throwing a few options out there for you. I hate to see you rush to buy something you aren’t going to be happy with.”

“Thanks. But somehow I feel as though you have an ulterior motive.”

Robbie sat back in the tall bistro chair. He poured more Sambuca into the crystal shot glass and drank it down in one shot.

“You better believe I do.   I don’t plan on letting you out of my sight.”