Sunday, June 04, 2017

Book Hooks is a once a week Marketing for Romance Authors promote each other. It's also a great way for the author to share their work and have their friends get the word out about the group.


After the untimely death of her husband in the line of duty, Nikki Petrino still grieving three years later, goes on retreat to Mexico to finish her novel, where she meets musician Drake Dente a 90’s rock icon working on lyrics for his comeback CD. After meeting at dinner, Drake and Nikki can’t keep their eyes off each other. Sparks fly and they instantly became an item. Upon returning to New York for Nikki’s high school reunion, she learns shocking events from her best friends. After a misunderstanding, Nikki is missing and Drake is desperate to find her.


As he approached her, she felt a tingle travel throughout her body.
He took her hands in his. "Over the past couple of months, there was a void in my life. Then, one night, not that long ago, I met a woman. She was intelligent, caring and compassionate and couldn't care less who I was. There was just something about this woman that I couldn't get out of my mind. I've dated a lot of women in my time. Never did I experience the feelings I felt when I was with her. You see, love…" He wiped her eyes, lifting her chin up till their eyes met. "That woman is you. I love you."
"There's no such thing as love at first sight."
"Oh yes, there is." He looked at her with a twinkle in his eyes, which made her knees wobble. "Are you going to deny it?"
How could she when he was right? Her life had been empty for years. She had been so caught up in her own self-pity she couldn't write or go on a date without comparing. Drake had changed that, brought her back on course. She slipped her hand out of his and ran her fingers softly down his cheek.


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